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Roofs Restored provides high-quality solutions for commercial flat roofs and low pitched roofs throughout Louisiana and Texas. We transform failing systems back into functional, energy-efficient ones without the need of you buying a new roof. We specialize in commercial membrane and liquid-coated roofs. Just let our commercial professionals inspect your roof’s unique situation, and we deliver to you a premium roofing solution.

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Don’t replace your roof, Restore it! From elastomeric coatings to membrane systems, our team of experts can address your roofing needs at a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement.



Let us extend the life of your roof. We can repair and reinforce the parts of your roof that are weakest including fasteners that are backing out, skylights, and seams.

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In the event that your roof needs a full replacement, Roofs Restored has you covered. We offer many solutions to address a wide range of issues.


We install high-performance roofing membranes for commercial and residential roofs. The membrane roof solution can be applied to flat or low-sloped roofs, even using flute filled retrofitting to roof over metal installations. With many of the membrane roofs still performing after more than 30 years, it’s an excellent investment. Confused about the difference between PVC and TPO membranes? Don’t be! Check out this article to help you understand the difference: TPO vs. PVC.

We offer elastomeric solutions that offer great solar reflective indexes along with waterproofing for flat, ponding water roofs. This method can prevent your roof from further oxidation, secure those loosening seams causing leaks, and offer up to 85% solar reflectivity.

A brief rundown of what to expect


We do a complete and thorough inspection of your commercial roof.  At Roofs Restored, we understand the worry of not knowing what damage your roof is currently sustaining. We also know that coming up with a solution to the problem can be an even bigger headache. Allow us to make the process easier for you by taking the first step!

Choosing a system that works for you

After inspection, our experts assess your roof’s age, condition, and substrate materials to present you with the best recommendations for a new roofing system. We specialize in two of the best commercial roof solutions in the industry: membrane and liquid-coated (elastomeric) systems. Both of these are great energy savers along with their primary reason: protecting your building from the elements.

Installing your new roof!

Your roof’s installation will be overseen and carried out by our trained specialists. You can have peace of mind knowing the job will get the utmost attention throughout the entire project. We have someone available to you during the entire process of installing your roof. 

Don’t let liquid assets be what stops you from protecting your home. We offer multiple financing options to help you move forward with your new and improved roofing system. Check out our options to see which one is suitable for your needs.

Membrane Installation and benefits

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ELASTOMERIC Installation & benefits

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