We value a quality product, excellent customer service, and extreme ownership. It all stems from the core value of loving people. That’s what Roofs Restored and Faithful Gutters were founded on. You can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting a Faithful Product.


Faithful Gutters has been serving the Northshore area and even out to Florida for over 20 years! Roofs Restored has used Faithful Gutters numerous times in the past. After seeing each other’s like-minded values and care for the client, they joined forces. Now we have the brilliant management and experience from Faithful Gutters and the infrastructure and resources of Roofs Restored to bring you the best customer service and product in the south.

Why You Need Gutters

• Stops foundation erosion
• Preserves eves of roof
• Stops siding stain
• Protects landscaping
K-Style Seamless Gutters
Seamless Gutters
Gutter Guards

Patio Cover Benefits

• Protect your vehicles
• Stay cool in the summer
• Stay dry in the rain

Aluminum Patio covers & Walkways

• Insulated
• Non-insulated


• Fascia
• Soffit
• Siding


If left unchecked, it can lead to rafter tail rot, energy loss due to a breach in your structure, and even wall rot.


• No drip edge/bad install
• Old or damaged gutters
• Age and sun degradation
• Pests
• Storm damage
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