Roof Repair services

Don't let your roof damage go on any longer. Get one of our roof repair service technicians on the job today.


We understand that even the smallest roof problems can turn into very large repair projects costing you a lot of money. That's why we are here for you to fix the problem as soon as it appears. As soon as your roof system shows any signs of failing, give us a call and we will have our roof repair specialists on the job for you.


One of our specialties at Roofs Restored is restoring commercial roofs. Their size often makes it too expensive to replace, so we specialize in fixing these structures to get more years of life out of them. We can do simple patchwork or section replacements for pretty much all material roofs. Talk to one of our specialists today to see how we can help your commercial roof.


Even if your roofing system is not displaying any immediate issues, it may still be a good idea to let one of our roofing specialists take a look just to make sure. We have no problem at all giving you the great news of your roof system being in A+ condition. So if you just want your roof to get a quick checkup, then we are here for you.

Roof damage comes in many ways: harsh elements of the south, roof aging, or just bad installs. Whichever it may be, Roofs Restored has experienced roof technicians ready to assist you.

What can we help you with?

  • Roof Leaks
  • Flashing
  • Decking Replacement
  • Eaves & Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Chimneys & Pipe Jacks
  • Skylights
  • Awnings
  • General Maintenance & more

Hey! want to save a buck?

Who doesn’t? We understand. Check out this article to see if you can fix some of those smaller issues yourself.

Why Us?

We treat every project with the respect it deserves, and don’t stop until you are satisfied.

One or two leaks more than likely will not merit the  full replacement of your roofing system. However, do be sure to get your roofing specialist there to treat the problem as soon as possible to reduce further damage to your home. 

Inspecting your roof once a year is recommended. Look for shingles that are curling, areas where they’ve cracked or maybe gone missing, or shingles that are missing the granules on top.  The quality of shingles installed on your roof will often determine its projected life. Most shingle systems have a life of 20 years. After that, you may see excessive granule loss and should look to replace your roof soon.

It’s the material that’s used over joints in roof construction. It functions as an added layer of protection that keeps water from seeping into vulnerable areas like the valleys in your roof, the area around pipes, the chimney, and around any skylights. Most flashing is made out of aluminum or galvanized steel. From time to time it can come loose or deteriorate at a faster rate, allowing leaks to form in those vulnerable areas.


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