What's our story, and how long have we been in business?

Roofs Restored has been in business since August 1st, 2016, and it has been a fun adventure.

We have had the pleasure of hiring some very amazing people who bring so much diversity and talent to the table. And between the founders and the employees, we have generations of exterior home improvement experience working for this company. Some of our salesmen, repairmen, and installers have been on roofs since their first job as early teens helping their families. There is no shortage of experience and expertise just because the official company is only in its early years.

Company Milestones

Roofs Restored is born. Matt and Tim sets out to create a company that would enable them achieve their core objective in life; Helping others.
The founders of Roofs Restored, Matt Pearson and Tim Braud, created our company with one thing in mind: people.
I know, you’re probably thinking, “yeah, right. I’m sure it had NOTHING to do with money.” And of course, who doesn’t start a company without the end goal of it generating an income?

But I’m serious! If you know these men personally, you would know there is no exaggeration in my words. Matt and Tim are God-fearing men that almost do NOTHING without first asking the question,
“How can this help the people I will be serving around me?”

And it was this question that launched Roofs Restored. Matt and Tim saw that between their knowledge of business and the trade, they could offer job opportunities and change lives. And change lives they did!

We have so many stories of employees who have come to work for Roofs Restored and have seen their family relationships mended, personal character flaws overcome, dreams and goals achieved, and where some aimlessly came on board, they have found some direction in their life.

And the desire to help people does not stop with the employees. That same mindset to serve people is the driving force of our company.
Roofs Restored constantly adding talented people that share our same vision and goals.
We treat every client with the same excellence and attitude, always asking, “How can I serve this person?”
Roofs Restored is known for its customer care. We pride ourselves in being the most upfront, educational, and personable contractor in the south.

So yes, the company of Roofs Restored is relatively new. Still, the heart to serve others and do a job with excellence and integrity has always been here generations before Roofs Restored was ever a thought.

And since I have you here, our company partners with many nonprofits around the community and abroad. Maybe you can check a few out here, and if it’s something you are interested in, consider getting involved and helping out some of these selfless endeavors.
Our community and business face the toughest
challenges yet
Together alongside our community we deal with, and live through, a global pandemic and hurricane Ida.
It’s the toughest time in the short life of Roofs Restored. There are global shortages of materials, many folks in our towns are out of work or earning reduced salaries — and then we face a hurricane.

It is during this time that we KNOW we are in the right space to serve those is need. Literally those of us now left without a roof over their heads.

With a giving heart and a spirit of perseverance, Roofs Restored makes it through.
Roofs Restored is growing and ever-expanding to offer more services and reach more people.
2021 brought yet another devastating hurricane, Ida, that ripped through our local community. 
Being it that ground zero was literally in our backyard, plenty of our community came to us for their roofing needs. Hurricane Laura in 2020 was the trial run for product acquisition and distribution, and we were prepared to meet the needs of our community. 

We were able to help more families in 2021 than we have ever done in previous years. This gave Roofs Restored the necessary resources to revamp its infrastructure. At the end of the year we brought on Mr. Travis Broussard as the new CIO, and under his leadership and technological expertise, the company began its reformation.

We now stand with better organization, clearer responsibilities and goals, and seamlessly integrated software. What does all of this mean? This means better customer care for our clients, better communication through the process, and an even better capacity to do what Roofs Restored was founded on from the beginning: honor people.

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