Service Areas

Roofs Restored is proud to have local service areas. We believe in organic growth, where we can be strong in our community and help it grow.

Roofs Restored Residential Service Areas
  • North Shore & South Shore
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles

See who used Roofs Restored near you.

We’ve helped thousands with their home exterior needs across our service areas, and we understand that reviews and word-of-mouth are among the most important determining factors when considering a product or service. So, we built a mapping system just for you! Every blue house on this map represents a completed project by Roofs Restored. Maybe we helped your friend, family, or neighbor with their home exterior needs. Just type in an address, and if you see a blue house nearby, you can drive by and see Roofs Restored’s handiwork. And maybe, you can make a new friend and ask them how they enjoyed their experience with Roofs Restored.

Residential Service Areas

We believe in organic growth. Where we can be strong in our community is where we offer our services. You won’t find any drive-by-roofers chasing a storm here.

  • The North Shore
  • The South Shore
  • Baton Rouge
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles

Commercial Service Areas

*Services available to the state of Louisiana, subject to project scope of work.

Commercially Licensed and insured, Roofs Restored has developed great relationships with its suppliers and crews to establish its quality-known services in the state of Louisiana. Known for our premium cool-roof, energy-saving solutions, we are quickly becoming the choice commercial roofing contractor in the state.

Roofs restored's Louisiana License