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Roofs Restored Welcomes Faithful Gutters to the Family

25 March 2022

Same management. Same excellent product.

After 20 years of installing gutters and patios for local homeowners and businesses throughout the I-12 corridor, Faithful Gutters chooses to join the like-minded Roofs Restored family. Leveraging Roofs Restored’s organizational and customer success technologies, Faithful Gutters looks to further spread its business model of excellent customer service and quality products.

Faithful Gutters has been family-owned and operated by Charles and Debra Ridgedell here in Hammond, LA for the past 20 years. They have been faithfully (no pun intended) serving their community through honest business, quality service, and a loving touch that frequently comes only from a self-started, blood, sweat, and tears, family-built, small business. It’s the kind of character, work ethic, and quality every customer wants to do business with.

“When I think about Faithful Gutters joining the Roofs Restored Family, the one word that jumps out to me is Legacy. To build a business on a solid foundation that will outlast the founders is a dream for most business owners. It truly brings me joy to think that between Charles and Debra, myself, and the founders of Roofs Restored, Tim Braud and Matt Pearson, we have 19 children. I think about our children along with the 50+ families that work for the combined companies all serving our local and regional community with excellence, and I can only smile. I think that is why I was just as excited about the decision to acquire Faithful Gutters as my own decision to join Roofs Restored last year.” Travis Broussard-COO Roofs Restored USA, LLC

Owner, Charlie Ridgedell, and his wife, Debra Ridgedell have worked hand and hand with Roofs Restored over the past 5 years on many projects across our region with Roofs Restored completing a full roof replacement and Faithful Gutters coming in right behind to complete a full gutter wrap and patio cover for the same client. Seeing the need for growth and the desire to extend their values in the industry, it was agreed that Faithful Gutters would be bought by Roofs Restored and Mr. Charles and Mrs. Debra would become a part of the team.

“As a small business person who gets up early in the morning, knows the truck, knows the trailer, gets the people, does the job, goes home, calls the customers, gives the bids, gets the payments, then turns around and does it all over again, you can only do X amount of that. I always said you need the P’s and P’s: the people and the process. You can have all the people and not have the process; It ain’t gonna work. You can have all the process but no people; It ain’t gonna work. You gotta have both of those. And by Faithful gutters joining this, we have both of those now. This took a huge burden off of my shoulders. I can finally go to sleep at night. I have a team that is helping me. Best decision I have ever made.” Charlie Ridgedell-Founder of Faithful Gutters

Since the acquisition only two weeks ago, it has produced six full-time positions for our community. Roofs Restored has added two full-time gutter and patio crews (consisting of two members each), Charlie has joined Roofs Restored as the Exterior Services Manager, and Debra has joined the team as an Exterior Sales Specialist.

We are incredibly honored to welcome this legendary local company to our family, and it is with great excitement that we move forward together, exponentially increasing business productivity, but still offering that same quality and loving touch.

About Roof Restored
Roofs Restored USA LLC was founded by Matt Pearson-President of Commercial Construction and Tim Braud-CEO on August 1st, 2016 with one thing in mind: people. No matter if it is installing a 40 square residential roof or a 1000 square commercial roofing system, the main focus is always “How can this help the people we serve in our community and within our company?”

About Faithful Gutters, LLC
Faithful Gutters, LLC was founded by Charles Ridgedell in 2002 and has been providing residential and commercial gutter and patio cover solutions with excellence to communities from Louisiana to Florida.

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